Sodick AD35L Lineer Sinker EDM

The AD35L Sinker EDM features Sodick’s Linear Motor Technology.  Sodick’s expertise in EDM innovation using 3D design systems, the latest CAE technologies and numerous simulations have made it possible to create and improved basic machine structure with optimized rib arrangements; this increases rigidity by approximately 70%. 


With the new AD35L, machine deformation is minimized, allowing for optimum performance at high-speeds and rapid acceleration of the linear motors.


Technische Spezifikationen

X / Y / Z-Achsen-Bewegung (mm) 350 x 250 x 270
Tischgröße (W x D, mm) 600 x 400
Tank Abmessungen (L x B x H, mm) 975 x 555 x 350
Tank Flüssigkeitspegel (min. Bis max., Mm) 170 ~ 300
Tankkapazität (l) 180
Max. 550
Max. 50
Ükseklig Tabelle aus der Masse (mm) 810
Maschine Abmessungen (L x B x H, mm) 2080 x 1955 x 2350
Der Maschinenmontagebereich (mm) 2800 x 2900
Gewicht (kg) 3200
Luftdruck 0.65 MPa
Airflow 100 NL/min
Gesamtleistungsbedarf 3-phases 50/60Hz, 10 KVA
Abmessungen (L x B x H, mm) 800 x 1705 x 2125
Gewicht (kg) 840 (Elektrik Ünitesi Dahil)
Kapazität (l) 400
Filtering war metho 2 değiştirilebilir kağıt filtre
dielektrische Flüssigkeit Kesme ve Soğutma Yağı

Technische Daten

Linear motor on each axis X, Y, Z
Absolute linear scales with 0.01µm resolution on axes X, Y, Z
CE conformity.
LN2 Controller.
1Gbit/sec Communication Technologies.
LN Professional assist software for optimum condition search.
Machine tool in solid cast construction and Symmetric design.
TMM3 Generator. High-speed Cutting of Carbide Materials
SVC circuit.
"SGF Plus" Nano-wear Diischarge unit.
Ceramic components.
Dielectric cooling controlled by thermostat.
Linear motor cooling unit.
Improved easy of operation.
Work light.
Front side open tank door.
15" LCD Color monitor with touch panel screen.
USB Port.
LAN Interface.
Remote Controller.
Fire extinguisher.
Noise filter.
Dual filtration system.
Stepdown transformer.
Complete set of instruction manuals.
General tooling and clamping system.
64 Bit CNC Control.
Clamping chuck.System3R Macro.
C-axis (SEC-10).
4-station ATC