Packed with industry leading technology and top quality components, the AWEA BM Series machining centers combine incredible power, strength, and speed to bring you The Ultimate Machining Power®.

These powerful maximum performance machines will easily accomplish the demanding milling applications of today and tomorrow.

Offering a wide range of models and many spindle configurations to suit your applications, the BM Series offers 4 models BM 850/ BM 1020/ BM 1200/BM 1460 with 600 mm ( 23.6″ )of Y-axis travel, BM 1400 / BM1600 / BM 1800 have 800 mm ( 31.5″ ) of Y-axis travel and BM2100 / BM 2500 have 1,000 mm ( 39.4″ ) of Y-axis travel. Furthermore, many features are standard that are not available or costly options found on competitor’s machines.


Technische Spezifikationen

X / Y / Z-Achsenbewegung (mm) 2100X1000X1000
Advances in X-Y-Achsen-Geschwindigkeit (m / min) 15m/Dk
Z Achse Rapid Progress (m / min) 10m/Dk
Schneidvorschub (m / min) 1-8m/Dk
Tischgröße (mm) 2300x1000
Tabelle maximale Belastung (kg) 3000
Tabelle Boden Abstand (mm) 1100
Spindle Motor Transport Direkt Şanzuman
Spindelgeschwindigkeit (rpm) 6.000
Taper Spindel BT50
Spindelmotor (kW) 15/18.5   .
Spindel-Tabs Abstand (mm) 200-1000
Spalte Spindelabstand (mm) 1100
ATC Typ 24 Kol TİPİ
Team maximale Durchmesser (mm) 130/250 (Yan Göz Boş Durumda)
Team Maximale Höhe (mm) 300
Team Maximum Gewicht (kg) 15
Werkzeugwechselzeit (sec) 7
Positioniergenauigkeit (mm) 0,005, JIS 6336-2
Wiederholbarkeit (mm) 0,003, JIS 6336-2
CNC-Steuereinheit Fanuc 0-İMD (Ops. Mitsubishi M70)
Spannung / Leistung AC200/220 + 10% Faz / 40KVA
Wetter 6 Mg/cm3
Boron Öltank (lt) 1000
Gewicht (kg) 20000

Technische Daten

A rigid body structure with analysis molding FEM 
FEM analysis of the structure rigid and broad cast column (Y shape)
Hydrostatic wide box way system (Y-axis, 4-way)
Blasting work in 56 different places
Strong spindle structure
Prestressed C3 ballscrews
Speed ​​motor direct drive system in the axis limit
Removable boron oil tank system
Ergonamik use
Fully closed guard cabinet
extra wide hardened box ways
interior lighting
Cooling water system
Automatic lubrication system
Precise and rigid ball screw shaft and bearings
Rigid tapping function
Helical interpolation
Tri-color status light
door safety mechanism
tool bag and kit
user guide
380 V, 50 Hz, 3 – electricity transformers and equipment.