Palmary is a specialist in design and manufacturing of CNC centerless grinders and export over 40 countries around the world.

The quality of Palmary production has achieved superior international levels and has been certificate by ISO 9001 and CE standard.

Palmary Cnc centerless grinding machines FCL series are served to Turkish customer with Istanbul Makine service guaranty.


Technische Spezifikationen

Std. Ø1~Ø60mm
Erhöhte Kapazität mit einem Spezialwerkzeug (OPS) Ø40~Ø150mm
Schleifscheiben-Größe Ø455x205xØ228.6
Schleifscheibengeschwindigkeit 1500rpm
Schleifscheiben-Motor 15HP x 4P
Hydraulikpumpe 1 HP x 4P
Kühlwasser 1/4HP x 2P
Eigengewicht 2900kgs
Bruttogewicht 3200kgs
Geregelte Steingröße Ø255x205xØ111.2
Geregelter Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit 10~300rpm(Variable)
Geregelter bewegen Motor 3.5KW servo motor
Geregelte bewegen, um die Neigungswinkel der Rotations +5°~-3°
Der Drehwinkel bewegen Ragul ±5°
Oberschlitten 3.5mm/'rev. 0.005mm/graduation
Oberschlitten Mikro 0.1mm/'rev. 0.001mm/graduation
untere Führung 9mm/'rev. 0.05mm/graduation
Untere Führung Mikro 0.2mm/'rev. 0.001mm/graduation
Landwirtschaft 2mm/'rev. 0.01mm/graduation

Technische Daten

Rigid Machine Structure
The machine structure is manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron, heat treated and stress relieved before machining.
Slideways are high frequency hardened and precision ground. Maximum material stability for deformation-free and outstanding wear resistance.
Hydraulic Cooling Device
The lubrication system for bearings on grinding wheel spindle, regulating wheel spindle and hydraulic system are driven by the same hydraulic pump. A cooling fan is equipped for effectively reducing oil temperature.
Pressure Switch
When starting the grinding wheel and regulating wheel spindle, this pressure switch allows starting only when oil enters into beanings thereby providing safety protection for the spindle bearings.
Regulating wheel is driven by AC servo motor.
Lubrication System
The automatic lubricator provides lubrication to the grinding wheel spindle.
All slideways are lubricated by a centralized lubrication system, ensuring proper lubrication and feeding accuracy.
Slide Table
Upper slide swiveling is easy and accurate to adjust for making the machine suitable for infeeding grinding. Also, it allows grinding for a varied diameter of workpieces. The Upper slide with +5°~ -5° swiveling allows taper grinding by using infeed grinding mode.
With thrufeed grinding, the upper slide provides a surface contact adjustment between the workpiece and grinding wheel. Swiveling adjustment range is +5°~ -3°.
Dovetailed slideway on the upper slide features smooth and accurate feeding and is lubricated by a centralized lubricator.
Lower slide moves on “ Λ ” shaped and double-wedged ways. The slideways are hardened and precision ground. They feature smooth movement and properly protected to prevent dust from entering. Micro. feed adjustment unit is 0.001 mm to meet high accuracy requirements for all workpieces.
The slideways on the slide unit are coated with Turcite-B for superior wear resistance and smooth movement.
Dresser for regulating wheel & Grinding Wheel (For l Axis)
Dresser structure is manufactured from alloy cast iron and is hear treated for wear resistance.
Hydraulically operated dressing motion.
Variable dressing speed.
Dresser stand for regulating wheel can be adjusted to suit workpiece requirements, assuring high cylindrical accuracy.
Lubrication Oil Recycle
Lubrication oil for all slideways flow return through brass tubes to oil collecting tanks. This not only helps to maintain a clean working area, but also meets ISO-14000 environmental protection requirements.
Stable Grinding Wheel Auto Dressing Unit
The lower slideways of the grinding wheel dressing unit is of a concave dovetail structure. This combines with extra large sideways for greatly upgrading the stability of the grinding wheel unit.