Innovative technologies five axis gantry type machining centers. Awea FMV Series.

Five Axis Machining Center, FMV series, composed of advanced technologies & high quality machine structure, is capable of handling various applications in 5 axis simultaneous machining with expandable, compact design and at favorable price.


Technische Spezifikationen

Achsbewegung X (mm) 960
Y-Achsen-Bewegung (mm) 600
Z-Achsen-Bewegung (mm) 480
A / C-Achsen-Bewegung (deg)  -42 ~ +120 / 360
Tischgröße (mm) Ø350
Max. -
Tabelle Höchstlast (kg) 100
Der Abstand zwischen der Spindelplatte (= 0) (mm) -
Eine Mittelachse des Spindel (mm) -
Spindelgeschwindigkeit (rpm) 12000(Ops.15000)
Taper Spindel BBT40 
Spindelmotor (kW) 14
X-Achsen-SCHNELLVORLAUF (mm / min) 36000
Y-Achse schneller Vorschub (mm / min) 36000
Z-Achsen-Eilgang (mm / min) 24000
A / C-Achse schneller Fortschritt (min-1) -
Team Magazinkapazität (Einheiten) 30
Automatische Palettenwechselsystem (Stück) -
Team Maximum Durchmesser / Seite Topf ist leer (mm) 76/150
Team Maximale Höhe (mm) 250
Set Maximum Gewicht (kg) 7
Positioniergenauigkeit (JIS B 6338 (300 mm)) ±0,01
Wiederholbarkeit (JIS B 6338 (300 mm)) ±0,003
CNC-Steuereinheit Heidenhein iTNC530/Fanuc OiMD
Erforderliche Energie 45
Erforderliche Luft (kg / cm2) 5-9
Hydraulikaggregat Tankkapazität (Pumpe) (Liter (HP)) -
Schmiertankinhalt (Liter) -
Bor Öltankinhalt (Liter) 300
Maschine Höhe (mm) 3070
Maschine Sitzbereich (mm) 3170x2200
Gewicht (kg) 7400

Technische Daten

A rigid body structure with analysis molding FEM 
U shaped high rigidity structure and casting components are of FC 300 Meehanite casting. 
Cutting Free Of Collision & Limit
Upgrade Surface Cutting Precision
Shorten Cutting Cycle Time
Shortest Spindle Over-hang Distance
Linear guideway system
Hand made assembly with scrapping process
Strong and uniq spindle structure 
Strong and uniq 2 axis table structure 
Prestressed C3 ballscrews
Axis ​​motors direct drive system 
Removable coolant oil tank system
Easy use easy controll unit
Fully closed guard cabinet
interior lighting
Cooling water system
Automatic lubrication system
Accurate and rigid ball screw and bearings
Rigid tapping function
door safety mechanism
tool bag and kit
user guide
380 V, 50 Hz, 3 – electricity transformers and equipment.