Microntec is the Taiwan Market leader in the specilalised field of CNC Deep hole drill machinery.

Microntec deep hole drill machines offers vide range of application.

Die and mold coolant hole drills , automotive parts , aviation etc. are the best selling industries of our machines.


Technische Spezifikationen

Lochdurchmesser 3  ̶  32
Lochlänge 1450
Teil Maximale Größe 1200x200
Maximale Last Tabs 10000
X-Achse 1800
Y-Achse 1100
Z-Achse 1600
Achsbewegung 150
Spindelmotor α6/5,5
X-Achse Motor αC30/4,2
Y-Achse Motor αC22/3 (Fenli)
Z-Achsen-Motor αC12/1,8
Das Steuersystem Fanuc,Mitsubishi
Rasche Fortschritte Idle 6000
Hochdruck-Kapazität (19l motor 3Hp)  100
Niederdruck-Kapazität (61l motor 7,5Hp)  
Kühlleistung 7500-9000
Messmaschine 5500x5200x3450
Gewicht Maschine 18000

Technische Daten

Tech. Specs. and Standard accessories
Box guideways rigid construction
Turcite B design head stock
X Axis telescopic cover
Adopting with Fanuc controller
Servo motors with rapid traverse
Rigit 4th (A Axis ) supported with long bearings
Heat exchanger at controll unit
Pressure detect lubrication
Coolant system
Work Lamp