Okamoto Machine Tool Works Ltd. Japan has been the leading manufacturer of high value grinding machines and associated equipment since 1926.

Today Okamoto produce verh high accurate surface grinders, cyclindirical grinders , internal grinders and rotary tavle grinding machines.


Technische Spezifikationen

Steinwelle Standard (kW) 3,7
Spindel (kW) 1,8
Stein Auto Einlaufwelle (kW) 1,2
Die Radspindel Schlitten (kW) 1,2
Spannung (V / Hz) 400/50
Loch Mahlleistung (mm) 6 - 150
Max. 125
Die Spindelwelle zwischen dem Stein heraus. 740mm
Schwingkreisdurchmesser (mm) 600
Flip Spiegeldurchmesser (mm) 260
Max. 70
Maschinenbereich (mm) 2525x1860
Maschinenhöhe (mm) 1640
Gewicht (kg) 2300
Der Schwenkwinkel -5° to +15°
Spindellochdurchmesser (mm) 42
Spindeldrehzahl (Umdrehungen pro Minute) 100 - 850
Gürtel Stein Welle (im Uhrzeigersinn)
Standard (rpm) 20000
Alternative (rpm) 10,000 - 50,000
X-Achsen-Bewegung (mm) 170
Z-Achsen-Bewegung (mm) 500
Tischgeschwindigkeit (mm / min) 0.1 - 10.000
Minute 0,0001

Technische Daten

Standard accessories
 Sample quill and Grinding wheel for OH-20G
 Grinding wheel spindle(OH-20G 20,000rpm)
 Grinding wheel spindle speed inverter
 Variable speed control for work spindle
 Graphical software for Grinding cycle
 FANUC 0i Model D CNC (2-axis, 1-axis simultaneous)
 10.4 inch Colour touch panel display
 Standard cycles for plunge, traverse and face grinding.
 Manual Pulse Generator(x0.1/x1/x10 graduation)
 Fully enclosed cover with interlocked sliding door
 Working light (LED type)
 Coolant supply to dressing diamond, work spindle & workpiece
 Automatic lubrication system at machine running
 Dressing unit(for 2 diamonds set at 0⁰ & 90⁰ – periphery & face)
 Levelling bolt & Plate for machine
 Necessary tools with a steel box
 Operation manual & test report