Palmary is a specialist in design and manufacturing of CNC Cylindirical grinders and export over 40 countries around the world.

The quality of Palmary production has achieved superior international levels and has been certificate by ISO 9001 and CE standard.

Palmary Cnc Cylindiral grinding machines OCD series are served to Turkish customer with Istanbul Makine service guaranty.


Technische Spezifikationen

Durchmesser über Platte drehen (mm) Ø450 / 650 mm
Zwischen Verarbeitungszentrum Länge (mm) 1500 mm
Maximales Schleifdurchmesser (mm) Ø420 / 620 mm
Punta von max. 800 kg by between centers / 2000 kgs by heavy steady rest
dışçapxenxiççap (mm) Ø510x 50 ~ 125mm x Ø152.4 mm
Lineargeschwindigkeit (m / s) 33 m/sec
Yükmel Gewicht von Makks Manual For standard / Hydraulic for optional
konische Punta MT. No.5
Geschwindigkeit (rpm) 0 - 250 RPM
gegen Punta MT. No.6
max. 60 mm
Steinmotor (kW) 11kw (5HP)
Spindel (Swivel) (kW) 2.9kw / 5.5kw
Spindel (schwenkbar) X-Achse (kW) 2.8kw (AC Servo Motor)
Spindel (schwenkbar) Z-Achse (kW) 4.4kw (AC Servo Motor)
Max. 350 mm
Schneidvorschub (mm / min) 0.001 - 2000 mm/min
Schnell-Leerlaufvorschub (mm) 4000 mm/min
Max. 1970 mm
Schneidvorschub (mm / min) 0.001 - 2000 mm/min
Schnell-Leerlaufvorschub (mm) 4000 mm/min
Bodenfreiheit (mm) 1000 mm
Gewicht (kg) 12000 kg

Technische Daten

Main Structure of the CNC cylindrical grinder, when in combination angle control of spindle by C axis, is capable of grinding various special shaped workpiece.
Working spindle carried with precision angle decoder, high resolution of angle control reaching up to 0.1 μm.
The feed axis is equipped with close loop control optical scale to reach high precision ,
Retaining various functions of CNC cylindrical grinder, and applicable to angle and speed control.
Fast and easy transferring custom-made grinding porgram, when operated with PALMARY-developed CAD/CAM software.
A high-speed algorithm controller executed under PC Based + Windows XP, allowing input of 3rd-party software.
An optional sound frequency anti-crushproof system,consistent grinding operations are ensured.
Another benefit is toprevent parts colliding caused by erroneous motion when executing program.
Un-point dressing device or roller type dressing device is equipped according to functional requirement.
USB access, combined with the market available USB high-speed transmission interface, providing excellent data portability.
With 1ms single session processing time.
Linear Scale (For x Axis)
Grinding Wheel and Grinding Wheel Flange (1 set)
Diamond Tool Holder (Table Mounted type) (1 pc)
Tools and Kits (1 set)
Carbide Tipped Work Centers (2 pcs)
Coolant equipment (1 set)
Hydraulic Tank With Oil Cooler (1 set)
Work Lamp (1 pc)