Established in 1994, ARES-SEIKI specializing in tapping center with years of experiences, and also had well reputation from our clients. We provide full series of CNC tapping centers – the A-series has the highest cutting tool capacity and is built for extremely intricate processing, and the R-series has a simple structure which is designed to maximize product quality, as for the S-series feature dual work stations, rotary worktables, and moving column structure allows operator to effectively reduce idle time needed to change workpieces during machining.


Technische Spezifikationen

X / Y / Z-Achsenbewegung (mm) 510 x 400 x460
Advances in X-Y-Achsen-Geschwindigkeit (mm / min) 36
Z Achse Rapid Progress (mm / min) 36
Tischgröße (mm) 600 x 410
Tabellen-Zahl (Einheiten) 1
Tabelle Höchstlast (kg) 250
Spindelgeschwindigkeit (rpm) 8.000
Taper Spindel BT40
Spindelmotor (kW) 7.5/5.5
Spindel-Tabs Abstand (mm) 140-600
Magazinkapazität 12
Team Maximale Höhe (mm) 250
Set Maximum Gewicht (kg) 3
Werkzeugwechselzeit (sec) 2.2 (T-T)
4.1 (C-C)
Gewicht (kg) 3500
Maschinen-Größe (mm) 1560x2670x2825

Technische Daten

Spindle air system 
Quick ATC unit 
Full enclosed cab 
Automatic lubrication system
warning lamp 
Lighting lamp
TFT LCD display 
Full closed electrical cabinets and cooling 
Ergonamik use
Cooling system 
Tool bag and kit
The leveling blocks 
The CE Declaration