Ultra Performance Bridge Type Vertical Machining Center

Representing AWEA’s “The royal family of bridge machines” of mature manufacturing abilities and advanced technology of innovation, the VP series bridge type vertical provide you the ultimate machining performance at the most compact floor space. It is one of the most cost-effective models. All series are adopted with modular design, the full product line provides you high performance, high productivity machining solutions to meet your demands of today and tomorrow. It can be broadly applied in the automotive, precision die & mold, aerospace, and energy industries., etc.


Technische Spezifikationen

X-Achsen-Bewegungs 2100 mm
Y-Achsen-Bewegung der 1600 mm
Z-Achsen-Bewegungen 760 mm
Tabellengröße 2310x1500 mm
Maximale Last Tabs 8000 Kg
Der Abstand zwischen der Spindel und Tisch 240-1000 mm
Die Entfernung zwischen den Säulen 1700 mm
Spindeldreh 6.000 (Ops. 8.000 / 10.000 ) rpm
Taper Spindel BT50
Spindelmotor 26/22 kW
X-Achse schnelle Fortschritte 20.000 mm/min
Y-Achse schnelle Fortschritte 20.000 mm/min
Z-Achsen-rasche Fortschritte 15.000 mm/min
Schnittvorschub 10.000 mm/min
Team Magazinkapazität 32 ( Ops 60/90/120 ) adet
Team Maximum Durchmesser / Seite Topf ist leer Ø127 / Ø215 mm/min
Team Maximale Länge 350 mm/min
Team Höchstgewicht 20 Kg
Positioniergenauigkeit ± 0.015 / Full Travel JIS B 6338
Maßgenauigkeit ± 0.003 JIS B 6338
CNC-Steuereinheit Fanuc 0-İMD (Ops. Fanuc 31iM, Heidenhein iTNC530 )
Erforderliche Energie 220 ± 10 %
Die erforderliche Luft 5 ~ 8 Kg/cm2
Hydraulikaggregat Tankkapazität (Pumpe) 120 ( 10 HP ) liter ( HP )
Lubrication Tankkapazität 6 Lt
Boron Öltank 420 ( 1.5 HP ) liter ( HP )
Maschinengewicht 22,000 Kg

Technische Daten

One-piece bridge
Base casting structure
Hand scraped contact surfaces
Optimum assembly precision
Structural rigidity and load balancing
Rib reinforced working table
The Finite Element Method ( FEM ) analysis
Precision Feedback System
Axial Torque Clutch
Hi-tech casting restrains vibration while increasing machining stability
Powerful Cutting Capability
Centro-symmetric Main Spindle System
Roller Linear guideways 
Pre-stressed accurate ballscrews
Auto lubrication system
Cycl lamp
CE Regulated machine