TCC Series is very accurate turning lathe of Takisawa.

Takisawa Japan honor to supply over 100,000 Cnc turning lathe around the world.

Today TCC series most popular lathe for automotive industry.

It is uniq , accurate and state of art technology from Japan.

Takisawa Japan offers wide range of Gantry and outomation solutions for customers needs. Very popular “Turn Key” manufacturer in Japan.


Technische Spezifikationen

Schwingkreisdurchmesser (mm) 420
Durchmesser von maks.tornal. 350
max.tornal durchschnittliche Höhe (mm) 185/285
Bar Kapazität (mm) 51
Kpasite gegen den Spiegel bar (mm) -
X-Achsen-Bewegung (mm) 190
Z-Achsen-Bewegung (mm) 250/350
Y-Achsen-Bewegung (mm) -
Achsbewegung (mm) -
Leerlaufgeschwindigkeit (m / min) X:24 , Z:24
Spindeldrehzahl (Umdrehungen pro Minute) 3200
C-Achse -
Spindel A2-6
Türmchen T8
Abschnitt Team (mm) 25x25
Stellen Sie das Stabdurchmesser (mm) 40
Getriebenes Werkzeug (rpm) -
Gegen MT.4
Reitstock-Pinole Bewegung (mm) 100
Spindelmotor (Kw) 11
Maschinenhöhe (mm) 1650
Wohnbereich (mm) 1300x1495/1400x1545
Gewicht (kg) 2400/2600
Partikeldurchmesser (mm) 160
Höhe (mm) 100
Gewicht (kg) 3
Aufnahmeart 3-Jaw
Palettenmenge 16
Palettenladegewicht 40

Technische Daten

Fexible layout, high performance and compact design
Strong turret
Elimination of thermal influence from cutting chips
Highly rigit and highly accurate rectangular slideways
Silence , accurate and long life Takisawa technology spindle
FEM analysed qualified grey cast iron
High productivity by high acceleration and disacceleration
Improved Ease of Operation
Hydraulic chuck
Tool holders
Chuck open close function
Coolant unit
Full splash guard
Hydraulic cooling unit
8,4" TFT colour screen
Work light