2500 UM

Accutech universal milling machines is presented into service with the assurance of Istanbul Makine. Accutech 2500 UM, rigid meehanite cast metal housing, powerful engines and has high production quality.

2500 UM, for the most difficult milling works to has been specifially designed. If you want to machining, your machine must be 2500 UM.


Technical Specifications

Table Dimensions (mm) 1500 x 350
T Number of Channels and Measures 5 - 16H7
T Distance Between Channels (mm) 60
Return Angle of the Table (degrees) 45°
Horizontal Spindle Motor (hp) 10
Vertical Spindle Motor (hp) 5,5
Longitudinal and Transverse Progress Motor (hp) 2,5
Automatic Longitudinal Progression (mm) 1150
Automatic Transverse Feed (mm) 400
Automatic Vertical Advance (mm) 500
Pinhole advance (Manual) (mm) -
Distance Between Vertical Head Horizontal Shaft (mm) 155
Cooling Pump (hp) 1⁄8
Vertical Spindle Shaft ISO 50
Vertical Spindle Stage (mm) 12
Vertical Spindle Rotation (rpm) 35-1600
Longitudinal and transverse feed (mm) 10-1208
Vertical Advance (mm) 5-604
Horizontal Spindle Shaft ISO 50
Horizontal Work Shaft Ucu Diameter (mm) 128.57
Horizontal Spindle Shaft Diameter (mm) 27
Horizontal Spindle Rotation (12 steps) (mm) 40-1800
Longitudinal and transverse feed (mm / min) 1208
Vertical Advance (mm / min) 604
Maximum Workpiece Weight (kg) 700
Net Weight (kg) 3200
Gross Weight (kg) 3500
Cubic Package Measurements (cm) 184x227x227


Meehanite GC-45/DIN 40 casting body
10 Hp Yatay iş mili motoru
Powerful and rigid spindles (ISO 50)
Automatic lubrication systems
Coolant systems
Milling Chuck
Milling Vise
Lighting Lamp
Tool Box
Chip pan

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