Arion APR and AC Series Radial Drilling Machines origin is Taiwan.

These machines are presented to customers with a quality, precision, and optimum cost. Arion radial drilling machines which you could work long time without problem, are a good solution partner for molder, machine and spare part manufacturer.


Technical Specifications

Column diameter (mm) 350
Column spindle max. 1600
Column spindle min. 350
Spindle motion of spindle (mm) 1250
Main plate to spindle max. 1220
Between main table and spindle min. 340
Vertical movement (mm) 565
Table dimensions (mm) 635x500x500
Main tray size (mm) 2380x980x205
Spindle spindle MT4
Spindle speed (mm) 250
Spindle speeds (rpm) 44-1500x12 steps
Spindle spacing 0.05 , 0.09 , 0.15x3 adım
Main engine power (hp) 5
Vertical motion engine power (hp) 2
Hydraulic motor power (hp) 1
Cooling water engine power (hp) 1/8
Height of the machine (mm) 2810
Net Weight of Machine (kg) 3500
Machine measurements Width x Length x Height (mm) 2590x1220x2540
Drilling capacity (mm) 50Ø - 60Ø
Guide pulling capacity (mm) 45Ø - 55Ø


Rigid and one-piece Casting Arm
Hardened Prismatic Guideways
Balanced Spindle
Overload Protect System
Travel Indicator
Easy Use and Ergonomy