Okamoto Conventional surface grinders serve you long years with very high accuracy because of high technologies of components used and work man experience.

Okamoto ACC-DX series universal surface grinders series are supliying to Turkish manufacturer by Istanbul Makine service quality.


Technical Specifications

Working Table Size (mm) 650 x 500
Distance between table and stone (mm) 22.5 - 522.5
Table Loading Capacity (kg) 700
T Channel Dimension (mm) 17x3
Maximum Movement (mm) 750
Longitudinal Feeding Speed (m / min) 0.3-25
Manual Feed per Turn (mm) 47
Transverse Max. 540
Hand Song A Tour Movement (mm) 5.0
Hand Song Progression (One Tab) (mm) 0.02
Automatic Intermittent Feed (mm) 0.5-20
Automatic Continuous Feed (m / min) 0.1-1.0
Head-Up Automatic Movement (mm) 0.0001-0.03
Vertical Manual Movement of Head (Finishing) (mm) 0.0001/0.001/0.01
Vertical Manual Motion of the Head (Cycle) (mm) 0.01/0.1/1.0
Vertical Fast Motion (mm / min) 600
Stone Diameter x Width x Hole Diameter (mm) Ø355/305 x 38 x Ø127
Stone Cycle (50/60 Hz) (rpm) 1500/1800
Stone Motor Power (kW / p) 3.7/4
Hydraulic Pump Power (kW / p) 2.2/4
Vertical Rapid Motion Motor (kW) 0.4 (AC Servo)
Total Power (kVA) 11.0
Settlement Area Width x Length x Height (mm) 2737 x 2449 x 2069
Machine weight (kg) 3500


Standard Accessories
Grinding Wheel (1 set)
Wheel Adapter
Tabletop Wheel Dresser with Diamond Tool
Necessary Tolls Kit with Box
Leveling Bolts and Plates
Splash Cover
Automatic Demagnatizing Controller MA-3
Spark-Out Device (0-5 times)
Oil Air-Fan Cooler (for 105DX only)
Both Ends Downfeed Plung Cut Mode
Automatic Rough-Fine Feed Step Changing Device
Vertical Position Display (Auto Sizing Device)