Sodick AP250L Wire EDM Machine

The AP250L Wire EDM features Sodick’s Linear MotorTechnology. The AP Series is Sodick’s line of high end, high precision Wire EDM machines. The AP250L is available as an oil or water dielectric machine and features Sodick’s new ECO-CUT O technology on the oil dielectric model.  Using oil based technology, the AP250L is able to machine carbide and completely eliminate cobalt depletion.  This machine offers low specific inductive capacity and a small discharge gap; this is ideal for high precision machining for high speed die applications.  The carbide workpiece can be left in the work tank for long periods of time (which is ideal for a shop machining during nights or weekends).


Technical Specifications

X / Y / Z axis movements (mm) 250 x 150 x 120
U / V axis movements 35 x 35
Max. 80
Height of floor of table (mm) 1080
Cutting angle ±7°
Wire diameter (mm) Ø 0.05~Ø 0.20 (Ø 0.03 optional)
Wire tension (N) 3~25
Max. 250
Max. 400 x 270 x 100
Measures (W x D x H, mm) 1,050 x 1,310 x 1,600
Capacity (l) 375
Filtering method 2 değiştirilebilir kağıt filtre


The Smart Linear Motor Drive Sistem
Machine tool in solid cast construction
Working hour meter (to record the machining time)
Linear drives on axes X, Y, U, V
Linear scales on axes X, Y, U, V
0.01µ Heidenhain Absolute resolution
Automatic wire threading with Fixed-Jet AWT 
Thermally stable machine construction
Wire tip disposal unit (improves reliability of threading process)
Advanced Corner Control (ACC, SFCC)
Ceramic comp. integrated in w. table, Zaxis quill, clping blck, wire guide
Standard toolset (tools for daily maintenance works)
SPW Power supply
Ön kapak manuel açılır iş tankı
Dielectric cooling controlled by thermostat
Anti-electrolysis circuit
19-inch TFT Touch Screen; The Smart Controller
External USB Memory
LAN -Interface
Remote Control
64 Bit CNC Control
2D, 3D Graphic visualization of process
Communication technology of 1Gbit/sec
Noise filter
2 Paper filters
Stepdown transformer
Automatic water level
Complete set of instruction manuals
Led light of progress tank.