Cost effective vertical machining centers

Quickjet High Speed machining centers are designed for Die and mold industry. They are uniq and very precision machines.

Having ultra spedd Spindle and drive motors and Cnc controller makes Quickjet Cnc High speed machines uniq in this field.

Quickjet High speed machining centers are serve to Turkish Mold industry by Istanbu Makine quality service team.


Technical Specifications

Measure 1300 x 850 mm
T-channel (Gen. x Name x Distance) 18 x 5 x 150 mm
Max. 1500 Kgs
Capacity 47 KVA
X axis (spindle left / right) 1200 mm
Y-axis (table in / out) 800 mm
Z axis (workpiece vertical) 500 mm
Distance between spindle and table 200-700 mm
Oil cooler for 3-axis ball bearings ±1°C ortam sıcaklığına göre
XYZ Axis impact protection Direk Kaplin Tork Limitör
Transfer HSK-A63 24,000 r.p.m
Motor power HSK-A63 , 29 Kw
Spindle spindle HSK-A63
Oil cooling ±1°C ortam sıcaklığına göre
Cutting Progress 1-20,000 mm/min
X.Y.Z Fast Movements 20,000 mm/min (0%, 30%, 50%, 100%)
Positioning accuracy (X / Y / Z) 0.004 mm
Repeatability (X / Y / Z) 0.002 mm
Max. Ø35
Max. 220 mm
Max. 7 kg
Number of Magazine teams 12 takım ( op. 20 tools )
Pressure / Consumption 6 kg/c㎡ / 500l/min
Cooling Pump 0.58 Kw x 2
Cooling Tank Capacity 180 L
Machine (B x E x Y) 3,360 x 2,760 x 3,200 mm / 4,335 x 2860 x 3620 mm
Machine Weight 11,000 kg


We provide the support of high technology as same as the leader of mould and die industry in Germany – DEPO
The best application medium size of automobile mould、big toy mould 、automobile electronic、lamp、big size plastic mould 
Large Worktable sizes that been overly engineered cast and then machine to provide a Rock-Solid platform with high loading capabilities. 
The top table surface is precision scraped for flatness, parallelism and perpendicularity to the X,Y and Z axis..
Adopting with high power and high torque spindle to meet the request of high cutting performance.
Oversized high precision linear guideway are utilized to provide low starting inertia, low friction and high acceleration rates optimizing 
servo drive response to excellent axis position and repeatability over the full stroke on X,Y, and Z axes .
Big diameter of X axis ball screw as ψ80 mm,that can afford the high speed moving while cutting big mould 
A safety powerful torque coupling on each axis protects the ball screws and servo drive motor.
Standart Accessories
Siemens 840D control system 
Build-in spindle :
HSK-A63  24,000 rpm 
HSK-A80  14,000 r.p.m
HSK-A100 8,000 r.p.m / 14,000 r.p.m 
Automatic tool changer ,20 /16 tools storage   (Disk type ATC)
Cooling system for spindle 
3 axes linear scales
Automatic chip conveyor system 
Work light x 2 piece
Optional Aceessories
Touch type automatic tool length measurement system
Laser type automatic tool length measurement system 
3D on-line automatic measurement system 
Air turbine spindle (40,000 rpm / 80,000 rpm) 
Central through system –water / air (C.T.S.)