CF models Arion brand building compact easy to use heavy-duty lathes, low noise and high iadel offers solutions to our industrial productivity.

Heavy cutting universal lathe CF series a good solution partner for industry.


Technical Specifications

Counter turning diameter (mm) 1600
Car Top diameter (mm) 1250
Max.Parrow Lift weight (in tons) .6-8
Counter Span (mm) 755
Distance between points (mm) 1000 ile 10000
Shaft Hole Diameter (mm) 100
Shaft Cone (mm) .1:20
Spinning transfer (step) 12
Spindle speed (rpm) 4.25-192
Linear feed rate (mm) 0.057-12.726
Cross support Motion (mm) 0.027-6.096
Metric pitch 46 çeşit 1-224mm
Whit worth track range 46 çeşit  28-1t.p.i
Threading interval 37çeşit0.25-56mm
Diameter 50Çap-470mm
Kater bonding diameter (mm) 45x45
Cross support Motion (mm) .350
Cross support speed (mm) 3.8m/min
Center bushing diameter (mm) 140
Crosswise movement of center sleeve (mm) 300
Morse 6
Engine Power (kW) 22


Standard Accessories
Rotary Punta
Spot Welding
Overhead Bed
Fixed Bed