Palmary is a specialist in design and manufacturing of CNC centerless grinders and export over 40 countries around the world.

The quality of Palmary production has achieved superior international levels and has been certificate by ISO 9001 and CE standard.

Palmary Cnc centerless grinding machines FCL series are served to Turkish customer with Istanbul Makine service guaranty.


Technical Specifications

Max. Ø150mm
Stone size Ø610 x 305 x 304.8 mm
Stone speed 3000 m/min
Stone engine 30 HP x 4P (22.5kw)
Stone grinding Single point type dressing device / Roller type dressing device (Special Type. Optional)
Regular stone size Ø355 x 305 x Ø203.2
Regular stone 10 ~ 300 R.P.M
Regular stone engine 5 kw Servo motor
Regulated stone underlay CNC1 axis control (with digital linear scale)
Hydraulic pump 1/4 HP x 4 P(0.18 kw)
Cooling water pump 1 HP x 2P (0.18 kw)
Regular stone grinding motor MSS425-412W2E (25w)
Cnc system FNAUC Oi-TD
Machine enxboyxyux 3015 x 2205 x 2045
Machine Weight 6800 kg


Grinding Wheel Side
The double support bearing type spindle offers even grinding force distribution on the contact surface. During grinding the stress is even on two ends to avoid taper shaped work pieces.
Diamon roller dressing device can be attached to the double support wheel unit, features stable dressing reducing dress worn out. (Special Type)
Oil mist lubrication device aids wheel spindle lubrication, clean and
constant temperature.
Regulating Wheel Side
Instead of using hydraulic driving system, the regulating wheel is driven by linear motor. This improves dressing speed and stable control.
Adjustable worm shaft eliminates the gap, increases transmission efficienct and lifetime.
The one “ V ” & one flat feeding slide design reinforces the feeding stability. The entire feeding slide is hand scrapped to reduce friction and to increase accuracy of jog movement.