Quaser is most powerfull and accurate CNC horizontal machining centers are very well known state of art technology from Taiwan.

Quaser CNC horizontal machining centers are working successfully around the world.

Best seller Cnc horizontal machining centers in Europe.


Technical Specifications

X Axis movement (mm) 762
Y Axis movement (mm) 640
Z Axis movement (mm) 840
Table Size (mm) 500x500
Table index (º) 1(Ops.0,001)
Number of pallets (pieces) 2
Maximum Table Load (kg) 500
Max. Ø800xH900
Distance between spindle and table (mm) 85-725
Table Floor Distance (mm) 1130
Spindle Speed (rpm) 6000
Spindle Head BBT50
Spindle Motor (kW) 16,5
X-axis rapid advance (mm / min) 30000
Y-axis rapid advance (mm / min) 30000
Z- Axis rapid advance (mm / min) 30000
Cutting Progress (mm / min) 1-30000
Team Magazine capacity (pieces) 30(Ops.40)
Max Tool Diameter / Side pot empty (mm) 125/200
Maximum Tool Length (mm) 400
Maximum Machine Weight (kg) 15
Positioning Accuracy (JIS B 6338) ±0,003
Repeatability (JIS B 6338) ±0,002
CNC control unit Fanuc 0iMD
Required Power 27
Required Air (kg / cm2) 5-9
Hydraulic unit tank capacity (Pump) (liter (HP)) -
Lubrication tank capacity (lt) -
Boron oil tank capacity (liter (HP)) 300
Machine Height (mm) 3030
Machine seating area (mm) 3040x4835
Machine weight (kg) 13000


A rigid body structure with analysis molding FEM 
Linear guideway system
unique spindle structure 
Prestressed C3 ballscrews
Speed ​​motor direct drive system 
Japanese made rotary table Matsumoto
Removable coolant oil tank system
Easy use easy controll unit
Fully closed guard cabinet
interior lighting
Cooling water system
Automatic lubrication system grease
Accurate and rigid ball screw and bearings
Rigid tapping function
High acceleration function
Helical interpolation
door safety mechanism
tool bag and kit
user guide
380 V, 50 Hz, 3 – electricity transformers and equipment.