Palmary is a specialist in design and manufacturing of universal ınternal grinders and export over 40 countries around the world.

The quality of Palmary production has achieved superior international levels and has been certificate by ISO 9001 and CE standard.

Palmary universal ınternal grinding machines served to Turkish customer with Istanbul Makine service guaranty.


Technical Specifications

Grinding Capacity (mm) 6-150
Max.workpiece length (mm) 150
Turning diameter on the car (mm) 520
Turning diameter in spindle (mm) 320
Max.tabla movement (mm) 540
Max.tabla moving speed -z axis (mm) 7.2m/min (Hydraulic/1Axis)
Spindle speed (rpm) 0-550 rpm
X axis movement speed (mm) 50mm/min 
X-axis minimum movement (mm) 0.001 mm
Z-axis minimum motion
Spindle rotation angle saat yönünde 7 derece-ters saat yönünde 8 derece
Distance between stone shaft and stone (mm) 1060mm
Hydraulic tank capacity (lt) 60 Litre
Heading motor (hp) 1 Hp,4P
Hydraulic pump (hp) 2HP,4P
Grinding Motor (hp) 2HP,2P
Cooling motor (hp) 1/8 HP,4P
The motor (w), which moves the working head, 400 W
Machine gross weight (kgs) 2100 KGS 


Standard Accessories:
NC Control  (1 set)
Hydraulic system  ( 1 set )
Coolant system  1 set 
Diamond dresser 1 set 
Splash guard (1 set)
Belt tension auto.adjustment   (1 set)
Tool box and kits 1 set 
Grinding wheel spindle (alternative of 10.000-30.000 RPm) 1 PC

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