Introducing ARION with mature manufacturing abilities skills to provide with a complete machining with high performance and cost effective solution.


Technical Specifications

Max. 32mm
Max. 180mm
Max. 8.000rpm
X Axis movement 225mm
Z Axis movement 235mm
Y Axis movement 385mm
X1 Axis movement 220mm
Z1 Axis movement 280mm
C Axis 0,001°
Total number of teams 17
X-axis tools Dışçap 5 Adet
Z Axis tools --
Y-axis tools Cros/Front  slide canlı 4+4 
X1, Z1 Axis tools İççap 4 Adet
Fast idle motion 20mm/min
Tool section 20&16mm
Spindle motor 7,5kw
X1 Axis motor 1kw
Z Axis engine 1kw
Y axis motor 1kw
X1 Axis motor 1kw
Z1 Axis motor 1kw
Super tool motor 1kw
Cooling pump motor 0,25HP
Cooling tank capacity 140L
BoyxEnxHeight 2580x1880x1750mm
Net weight 3500kg
Control unit SYNTEC


Easy operation system
High accuracy 
High speed
High convenience
High Reliabilty
Optimum assembly precision
Linear guideways 
Pre-stressed accurate ballscrews
Auto lubrication system
Cycl lamp
CE Regulated machine

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