Mega5P 6025

Maximum Performance Five Axes Machining Center.

AWEA decades experience in bridge type machining center machine building and technology development combined with worldwide leading five axes head created the brand new MEGA5 series five axes bridge type machining centers.MEGA5 series are equipped with X, Y, Z, B, C five axes simultaneous movement control; vertical, horizontal machining and even intricate shape parts machining can be easily completed in one set up.


Technical Specifications

X Axis movement (mm) 6000
Y Axis movement Vertical / Horizontal (mm) 3200 (Vertical)  / 2500 (Horizontal)
Z Axis movement (mm) 1000 (Ops.1200,1400)
Distance between columns (deg) 2700
Table Size (mm) 6200x2400
Maximum Table Load (kg) 20000
Distance between spindle and table (mm) 200-1203
Horizontal spindle distance between center table (mm) 550
Spindle Speed (rpm) 12000
Spindle Head HSK-A103
Spindle Motor (kW) 53
X-axis rapid advance (mm / min) 12000
Y-axis rapid advance (mm / min) 15000
Z- Axis rapid advance (mm / min) 10000
Team Magazine capacity (pieces) 40
Automatic Pallet Replacement System (pieces) -
Max Tool Diameter / Side pot empty (mm) 140/183
Maximum Tool Length (mm) 350
Maximum Machine Weight (kg) 15
Positioning Accuracy (Full Length) (JIS B 6338 (300mm)) ±0,01
Repeatability (JIS B 6338 (300mm)) ±0,003
CNC control unit Heidenhein iTNC533
Required Power 110
Required Air (kg / cm2) 5-12
Hydraulic unit tank capacity (Pump) (liter (HP)) 150
Lubrication tank capacity (lt) 6
Boron oil tank capacity (liter) 750
Machine weight (kg) 53000


A rigid body structure with analysis molding FEM 
Linear guideway system
Hand made assembly with scrapping process
Strong and uniq built in spindle structure 
Spindle thermal expansion reaches stable state within 10 minutes from machine cold start.
Modular design, symmetric fork structure 5 Axis head
DD motor installed on each side of fork structure
the spindle motor is installed in the center of rotary axis.
One-piece casting in GGG40 nodular graphite cast iron
Integrated direct-driven motor along with hydraulic clamping system in B, C axis
Integrated water cooling circuit effectively reduces thermal deformation.
High rigidity cross roller bearings ( diameter B-axis : 150 mm / C-axis : 320 mm )
Hydraulic clamping system effectively locked both rotational axes to support heavy cutting at fixed angle.
B, C-axis accuracy and efficiency is effectively enhanced via high resolution absolute encoder.
Prestressed C3 ballscrews
Axis ​​motor direct drive system 
Removable coolant oil tank system
Easy use easy controll unit
Fully closed guard cabinet
interior lighting
Cooling water system
Automatic lubrication system
Accurate and rigid ball screw and bearings
door safety mechanism
tool bag and kit
user guide
380 V, 50 Hz, 3 – electricity transformers and equipment.