Okamoto Machine Tool Works Ltd. Japan has been the leading manufacturer of high value grinding machines and associated equipment since 1926.

Today Okamoto produce verh high accurate surface grinders, cyclindirical grinders , internal grinders and rotary tavle grinding machines.


Technical Specifications

Diameter Width (mm only) (mm) Ø455x75x127mm
Diameter Width (Universal) (mm) Ø405x75x127mm
Stone speed (m / Sec) 45
Max grinding diameter (mm) 300
Distance between two spots (mm) 320
Weight between two punches (kg) 1500
Max. 150
Max. 1870
Table angle +0°/-5°
Height (mm) 560 x 233 x 195
Machine weight (kg) 6000
Max. 300
Rotation angle (Universal / Cylindrical) ± 30° / Fixed
Min. 0,0001
Feedrate (mm / min) 0 – 4
Idle speed (mm / min) -
Hand song section (mm) 0,0001/0,001/0,01
Spark -
Max. 762
Table angle +0°/-9°
Min. 0,0001
Feedrate (mm / min) 0-10
Idle speed (mm) -
Hand song section (mm) 0,0001/0,001/0,01
Version fixed / live
Conical No.4
Speed (rpm) 10 – 500
Rotation angle (Universal / Cylindrical) +30° / -90°
Sleeve movement (mm) 30
Conical No.4
Stone (kW) 7,5
Spindle (Swivel) (kW) 1,8
Table (kW) 1,8
Longitudinal (kW) 1,8
Hole grinder attachment (kW) 1,5
Full load amperes / KVA 20


Standard accessories
 Sample grinding wheel Ø355x50xØ127mm (Plain type 200 series)
 Sample grinding wheel Ø305x50xØ127mm (U type 200 series)
 Sample grinding wheel Ø455x75xØ127mm (Plain type 300 series)
 Sample grinding wheel Ø405x75xØ127mm (U type 300 series)
 Wheel adaptor for sample wheel
 5.5kW Spindle motor with (200 series)
 Spindle motor 7.5kw  (300 series)
 45 m/s variable wheel speed control
 Variable speed control of workhead
 FANUC 0i Model D CNC (2-axis, 2-axes simultaneous)
  10.4 inch Colour touch panel with vertical & cross axis positioning display
 Graphical soft-wear with teaching function for grinding and dress cycle set-up
 Full Fanuc Keyboard with tool nose radius compensation function for ISO G-Code programmes
 Manual Pulse Generator (x1/x10/x100 per graduation)
 Rapid feed device(Joystick for cross & longitudinal axis)
 Fully enclosed cover with interlocked sliding door
 Work light ( LED )
 Automatic lubrication system at machine running
 Coolant nozzle & hose
 Coolant for Dressing 
 Constant coolant system to the table 
 Carbide centre
 Automatic Driving dogs Ø 5-80mm work piece by 6 pcs
 Manual taper adjust type tailstock
 Table swivel measuring device
 Shoulder positioning device (Locator) & soft wear
 Gap eliminator (sensor & soft wear)
 Balancing arbour 
 Levelling bolt & Plate for machine
 Necessary tools with a steel box
 Operation manual & test report
 CE mark