Palmary is a specialist in design and manufacturing of CNC internal grinders and export over 40 countries around the world.

The quality of Palmary production has achieved superior international levels and has been certificate by ISO 9001 and CE standard.

Palmary Cnc internal grinding machines OIG series are served to Turkish customer with Istanbul Makine service guaranty.


Technical Specifications

Grinding capacity (mm) Ø6 ~ 150 mm
Maximum grinding height (mm) 150 mm
Turning diameter on table (mm) Ø520 mm
Diameter under protection in spindle (mm) Ø320 mm
Max. 540 mm
Max speed in bar Z (in m / min) 5 m/min
Spindle speed (rpm) 0 ~ 550 RPM
X-axis cutting speed (m / min) 5 m/min
X Axis minimum movement amount (mm) 0.001 mm
Y Axis minimum movement amount -
Z Axis minimum movement amount (mm / min) 0.001 mm
Spindle rotation angle (Front) forward 8° (Back) backward 7°
Hydraulic tank capacity (lt) 60 L
Spindle motor power (hp) 1HP, 4P(Inverter)
Hydraulic motor power (hp) 1HP, 4P
Stone engine power (hp) 2HP, 2P(Inverter)
Cooling water pump motor power (hp) 1/8HP, 4P
X axis servo motor power (kW) 1.8 kw
Y axis servo motor power (kW) -
Z axis servo motor power 1.8 kw
Machine weight (kg) 2300 kgs


The entire machine is ergonomically designed for user-friendly operation. The machine bed is manufactured from high quality cast iron, specially heat treated and precision machined to ensure deformation-free perfromance, year after year.
All slideways are lubricated by the static pressure automatic lubrication system, thereby providing extremely smooth movement and maximum wear resistance.
All the grinding motions – from rough grinding, dressing, finish grinding to spark out – are fully automatically operated. This provides high accuracy, convenient operation and greatly upgrades production. Also, it is excellent for mass production as well as small quantity, flexible workpiece grinding.
The workhead spindle runs on a high precision roller bearing featuring high accuracy, high rigidity and silent running. The workhead can be swiveled at 8° forward and 7° backward, allowing for grinding tapered workpieces.
Precision ball screws combined with servomotor driver provide variable feed speed changes.
The servomotor features compact construction, superior torque output, fast speed response, high accuracy and stability.
Suitable for grinding internal straight hole, end face, internal end face, internal slot, internal chamfering angle, internal circle angle, internal taper and internal taper and internal step, etc.
To meet mass production requirements. automatic loading and unloading equipment is availiable to provide a fully automatic operation.
Std. Accessories
Hydraulic system
Coolant system
Diamond dresser
Fully enclose
Belt tension auto. adjustment
Leveling pad
Tools & Tool box
Grinding wheel spindle (alternativ of 10,000 ~ 30,000 r.p.m)
Linear scale (X-axis)

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