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Technical Specifications

Mak.Motion (EnxBoy) (mm) 660X1650
Stone center plate height (mm) 700
Grinding Capacity (mm) 660X1650
Hydraulic Table Speed (mm) 1-25(0.3-25) 
Transverse Speed (mm / feed) 0.1-10
Continuous longitudinal speed (mm / min) 2.000
1 turn with Hand Track (mm) 5
Hand Song Progression (1 tab mm) 0.02
Stone Measurements (Diameter of Diameter) (mm) 355x50x127
Spindle Speed (rpm) 1800
Spindle Motor (hp) 10
Hydraulic Motor (hp) 5
Net Weight (kg) 7400
Gross Weight (kg) 9000
Dimensions (LxWxH) (m) 4.91X2.27X2.54


Electro Magnetic plate
Grinding Move and Flange
AD1 progress down automatically
Tool and Kit Bag
Cooling water system
Dust-Suction Cooling System