Quick Jet, manufactured in Taiwan milling machine is one of the best.

Especially for manufacturers of molders, optimum price offers perfect solutions.

By expert engineers, a work of art is presented to manufacturers.


Technical Specifications

Table Dimensions (mm) 1200 x 260
T Channel Measurements (mm) 16 x 3 x 63
X Axis Movement (mm) 650
Y Axis Movement (mm) 350
Z Axis Movement (mm) 360
Automatic Down-Up Speed (mm / min) 1150
Spindle Shaft ISO 40
Spindle Speed (rpm) 75-3600
Spindle Speed Steps 16
Spindle Drive Shape Kayış Kasnak
Head Rotation Angle (degrees) 45° (sağa-sola)
Pinol Movement (mm) 140
Pinol Progression (mm) 0.035 - 0.07 - 0.14
Spindle Table Table (mm) 0 -500
Spindle Column Distance (mm) 165 - 615
Ram Movement (mm) 450
Spindle Motor Power (hp) 3
Z Axis (hp) 1
Lubrication Pump (w) 3
Magnetic Pump (w) 13
Width x Length x Height (mm) 1750 x 1610 x 2180
Net Weight (kg) 1800


High quality and precision
Powerful spindle
One-piece body and precision ball screws
High positioning accuracy
Maximum life
Automatic lubrication system
Adjustable X, Y axis slides
Takım Çantası
Talaş Teknesi
Turcite-B Kaplı Kızaklar
Manual Yağlama Ünitesi
Soğutma Sistemi

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