OSCAR E.D.M. COMPANY was established in 1985 and bBased on the continuous breakthrough concept and outstanding R&D capability, OSCAR Company always presents a new generation of EDM to meet the market requirements. OSCAR EDMs have won high reputation in domestic and overseas market.

3 axes 6 directions machining, multi cavities machining, circle orbiting, square orbiting, internal external spherical machining, 45 degrees corner machining, any angle orbiting, XY, XZ, YZ, orbiting plane changable.

3 axes linear machining, 2 axes arc machining, helical machining electrode compensation.

Contouring machining (GM code).


Technical Specifications

Tank size (XxYxZ) 2290 mm (inch)
Tank size (XxYxZ) 1700 mm (inch)
Tank size (XxYxZ) 800 mm (inch)
Tabs (XXY) 1580 mm (inch)
Tabs (XXY) 1100 mm (inch)
X Axis movement 1500 mm (inch)
Y Axis movement 1000 mm (inch)
Servo movement 600 mm (inch)
Distance between plate and plate 660~ mm (inch)
Distance between plate and plate 1280 mm (inch)
Max. 500 kgs
Max. 11000 kgs
Machine Measures (Heightx Height) 3700 mm (inch)
Machine Measures (Heightx Height) 5550 mm (inch)
Machine Measures (Heightx Height) 3600 mm (inch)
Weight 14700 kgs


X, Y, Z, double nuts nuts axes ballscrews.
X, Y, Z axes linear guides.
X, Y, Z, axes digital readout in 0.001mm.
14” CRT.
Auto fire extinguisher.
Halogen work lamp.
Clamping plate.
Levelling pad.
Flushing nozzle.
Patented electrode holder.
Paper filter.
Drill chuck.
Tool box.
C axis.
Auto tool changer.
Dielectric cooler.
Permanent magnetic table.
Paper filter.
EZ-spark for harden workpiece.