Ultra Performance High Speed High accuracy swiss turn machines

Introducing NEXTURN with mature manufacturing abilities and advanced technology skills to provide with a complete machining solution with high speed and high accuracy.


Technical Specifications

Max. 26mm
Max. 70mm
Max. 12mm/M10
Max. 26mm
Max. 10mm/M8
Max. 10mm/M8
Max. -
Max. 8.000rpm
Max. 8.000rpm
Max. 6.000rpm
Total number of teams 24(26)
Outside diameter / Upright vigorous sets / Inner diameter tools OD 6/Cross2-4 /ID 5
Pre-set tools -
Retractable tools 7
Team size □ 16x120mm
Fast idle motion 24mm/min
Controlled axis 8
Main mirror positioning Cs+1/1000゜
Counter mirror positioning Cs+1/1000゜
Main mirror motor 3.7/2.2 kw
Counter mirror engine 3.7/2.2 kw
Upright live tool motor 1.0 kw
Back to live teams motor 1.0kw
Cooling pump motor 0.9kw
Central lubrication pump motor 0.04kw
Cooling tank capacity 195L
Center height 1000mm
BoyxEnxHeight 2300x1460x1750mm
Net weight 3400kg


Easy operation system
High rigidity
FEM analysis design body
High accuracy 
High speed
High convenience
High Reliabilty
Modular live tools system
Optimum assembly precision
Roller Linear guideways 
Pre-stressed accurate ballscrews
Auto lubrication system
Cycl lamp
CE Regulated machine