SN50C,SN71C and SUI80 series universal lathes are identified a classic becuse of unigue desing and spacions machining speed range for high quality machining required customers.

Trens ( Old name TOS ) SN50C,SN71C and SUI80 series lathe machines ara provide ideal solutions by spacious machining range , desing and quality for companies which is manufacturing small and big parts.


Technical Specifications

Reception countertop diameter 710
Car Diameter 420
Diameter in Bridge Clearance 960
Reception Width 300
Distance Between Points 1500,2000,3000,4000
Mil Ucu 8 ISO 702/11
Shaft Hole Diameter 73,5
Shaft Cone Metrik 80
Spindle Speed Range 10-1000
Transverse Suport Motion 400
Cross Support Motion 180
Linear feed rate 0,05-6,4
Transverse Progress Rate 0,025-3,2
Metric 29 0,5-40
Witwort 38 1,8
Module Hatve 26 0,25-20
Diametric Hatve 31 2_72
Opposite Punta Diameter 90
Opposite Punta knock Morse 5 
Opposite Punta Storku 240
Main Engine output power 7,5
En-Height 1400-1560
Distance Between Points 3600,4100,5100,6100
Weight 2960,3080,3330,3580


Manual 3 jaw chuck
Follow rest
Steady rest
4 way tool holder
Light Lamp
Cooling Water
Chuck guard

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