Powerfull and extremly rigit large CNC turning centers of Takisawa TG series. Slant bed construction , most powerfull machine among its range.

Ideal to produce large diameter work and lenght such as aircraft, automotive, construction industry.


Technical Specifications

Turning diameter (mm) 940
Diameter of max. 710
Max.torning height (mm) -
Bar capacity (mm) 274 (C) 
Opposite mirror bar kpasitesi (mm) -
X axis movement (mm) 365
Z axis movement (mm) 3340
Y axis movement (mm) -
A axis movement (mm) -
Idle speed (m / min) X20/Z24
Spindle speed (rpm) 750 ( C )
C axis 0,001
Spindle A2-20(C )
Turret T12
Tool section (mm) 32x32
Toolbar diameter (mm) 60
Power train (Rpm) 3000
Counter spot MT.6
Punta pinol movement (mm) 180
Spindle motor (Kw) 35
Machine height (mm) 2750
Settlement area (mm) 8261x2529
Machine weight (Kg) 20500


Swing Dia. (mm) 940
Max.Turning Dia. (mm) 710
max.Turning Lenght (mm) -
Bar Capacity (mm) 274 (C) 
Sub Spindle bar capacity (mm) -
X Axis travel (mm) 365
Z Axis travel (mm) 3340
Y Axis travel (mm) -
A Axis travel (mm) -
Rapid traverse (m/min) X20/Z24
Spindle Speed (Rpm) 750 ( C )
C axis 0,001
Spindle Nose A2-20(C )
Turret T12
Tool shank (mm) 32×32
Boring bar (mm) 60
Rotary tool (Rpm) 3000
Tailstock MT.6
Quill travel (mm) 180
Spindle motor (Kw) 35
Machine height (mm) 2750
Floor space (mm) 8261×2529
Machine weight (Kg) 20500