Jiuh Yeh ( Millstar ) is a manufacturer of the quality universal bed type milling machines..

Bed type universal milling machines are the best solution for heavy duty and rough cutting parts.

Mold base production or construction parts makers are prefer heavy duty universal milling machines.


Technical Specifications

Table size (mm) 1900x500
X axis movement (mm) 1500
Y axis movement (mm) 650
Z axis movement (mm) 700
T-slot (width X number of pits X field) (mm) 18x5x80
X axis feedrate (variable) (mm / min) 2800-30
Y-axis feedrate (variable) (mm / min) 2800-30
The z-axis feedrate (variable (mm / min) 2800-30
X-axis rapid motion (mm / min) 2800
Y-axis rapid motion (mm / min) 2800
Z axis rapid motion (mm / min) 2800
Cutting length (parameter) (mm) .1500
Cutting width (parameter) (mm) 650
Cutting height (parameter) (mm) 700
Loading weight (parameter) (kg) 2000
Spindle speed r.p.m. (60HZ) (rpm) 1500-45 (18 adım)
Spindle spindle NT50
Distance between table surface and shaft (mm) 50-750
Distance between column and shaft (mm) 650
Spindle motor 10HPx4P AC 
X axis motor 2HP
Y axis motor 2HP
Z axis motor 2HP
Length x Width x Height (after packing (mm) 3120x2290x2550
Net Weight (kg) 7000
Gross Weight (kg) 8000


Standard Accessories
Automatic Lubricating system
Cooling system
Tool Box
Spindle draw bar screw
leveling pad
Adjust bolt 
Mehanit Casting 
All slides are coated hardened Turcite-B
Powerfull spindle motor, high removal rate tasalı