Arion “Z” series Raddial Drilling Machines are manufactured in China. You could obtain these efficient machines easily, because of low-cost.


Technical Specifications

Max. 50
Column Distance with Spindle (mm) 350-1600
Column Diameter (mm) 350
Spindle Shaft MT5
Spindle Motion (mm) 315
Spindle Speed Range (rpm) 25-2000
Business Shaft Speed Adedi 16
Spindle Feedrate (mm / rpm) 0,04-3,2
Spindle to Table Distance Max. 320-1220
Work Table Dimensions (mm) 630x500x500
Machine Measurements (mm) 2400x1000x2000
Main Engine Power (kW) 4
Weight (kg) 3500


Cast body
Rigid column
Heat treated spindle