Arion “Z” series Vertical Drilling Machines are manufactured in China. You could obtain these efficient machines easily, because of low-cost.


Technical Specifications

Max. 35
Max. M22
Column Diameter (mm) 140
Max. 190
Max. 360
Spindle to Table Distance Max. 615
Spindle Uci to Base Max. 1.195
Max. 550
Angular Motion of the Table (degrees) 45, + 45
Spindle Speed Cone MT4
Spindle Speed Ratio (rpm / min) 72-2580
Business Shaft Speed Adedi 12
Spindle Feed Rate (mm / rpm) 0,1-0,2-0,3  
Table Dimensions (mm) 400x390
Effective Working Area of Tables (mm) 410x395
Machine Measurements (mm) 1150x700x2100
Main Engine Power (kW) 2
Weight (kg) 670


Cast body
Rigid column
Heat treated spindle